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Parent to Parent: Working with your Health Professional | Webinar | Multi-Session Course

02/26/2019 08:00 PM - 03/12/2019 09:00 PM ET


DoctorThroughout this Parent to Parent course, you will learn what might cause ADHD, how the brain with ADHD works, getting your child diagnosed and all about the different treatment options and how to figure out what will work for your child. To help ensure the success of children with ADHD, you should know as much as possible. Being well informed and prepared helps you to make good decisions with your child’s doctor. 

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$49.00 for the entire course and comprehensive resource book.

Tuesday, Feb. 26
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm EST
Probable Causes and Assessment


  1. Describe the differences in the brain of a child with ADHD and without ADHD
  2. Understand the two significant differences in the brain when someone has ADHD
  3. Learn about the lag in maturity of a child with ADHD
  4. Describe how genetics is one of the causes of ADHD
  5. List the environmental factors that are associated with ADHD
  6. Analyze the ADHD evaluation timeline
  7. Compare the different types of assessments used in ADHD evaluations
  8. Describe the different types of professionals who can perform a comprehensive assessment
  9. Explain how to choose the right professional
  10. List what a comprehensive assessment should include
  11. Discuss ADHD with your child or teen

Tuesday, March 5
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm EST
Comprehensive Treatment of ADHD, Part 1:  Medication and Psychosocial Treatment


  1. Define multimodal treatment
  2. List the components a multimodal treatment approach for ADHD might include
  3. Explain the importance of ongoing treatment for ADHD
  4. Describe health professional recommendations for treatment of children with ADHD
  5. List how medication can help with ADHD symptoms
  6. Describe what medication doesn’t do
  7. List the two main categories of medication for ADHD
  8. Explain the difference between short- and long- acting medications
  9. Describe the goal of medication for ADHD
  10. Explain how you would monitor medication
  11. Identify the answers to commonly asked questions about ADHD medication
  12. Describe how psychosocial treatment can help with ADHD
  13. List four types of psychosocial treatment
  14. Describe the goal of behavior therapy
  15. Explain what topics might be learned during parent training
  16. Describe how social skills training might occur



Tuesday, March 12
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm EST
Comprehensive Treatment of ADHD, Part 2:  Complementary and Alternative Treatments


  1. Explain the difference between complementary and alternative treatment
  2. Describe how to assess complementary and alternative treatments for ADHD
  3. List several complementary and/or alternative treatments for ADHD
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